Our sourcing system

We think good food should be simple: nature provides us with great products that naturally taste great, nourish our body and leave a small footprint on the planet.

When we make the right choices, creating delicious meals is super easy! We use local, artesanal, imperfect or rescued ingredients, empowering more people to eat and live well.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our mission is to promote

  • a more sustainable way of eating
  • using seasonal & ecologic food
  • empowering local producers & community
  • helping reducing food waste
  • making high-quality products more accessible

We do that by creating a dynamic and sustainable food ecosystem around our purpose through our procurement platform Gastrocampo.

how it works

Sounds interesting?


Food surplus is the excess of food that may end up wasted. There are several reasons for the surplus such as:

Food imperfections

As with people, Mother Nature makes some products like fruits and veggies imperfect that some consider Ugly, but for us they are super precious


In some industries like Bakeries, it is very difficult to predict demand and businesses can be left with huge quantities especially over Summer and celebrations like Christmas

Leftovers at closing time

There are some fresh food products that could be stored and sold the next day such as sourdough bread. However, due to the cost of storage and workforce - there is no economic reason for a baker to keep the bread which ends up not being used

Certified Organic

Upcycled products: some of ours partners already create delicious products starting from waste food: did you know that from wasted-bread you can make delicious beer? Or from ugly fruits&veg you can still make juices or mermelade and paté? We love to help them spread their message!